About Me

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Hi, I’m Shiela. This site is a reflection of my learning and hopefully could be a source of learning for others.

I am passionate about learning as deeply and as widely as I can.

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I’m a generalist trying to specialize in science.

I work in AI and data sciences. I get easily interested in a lot of things science-y and arts-y. I love-hate math. I hate politics. I like languages, mountains, cats, and puns.

My career revolves around…

Machine Learning : algorithms and cloud services

Python Development : scripting, data analysis, web frameworks

Data Engineering: web scraping, cloud migrations, pipelines, infrastructure

Training / Teaching : anything that interests me

Originally a web developer, I’ve been working in AI since 2018 and have been expanding my knowledge of machine learning ever since.

What I believe in

I chose Artificial Intelligence because I believe it is humanity’s greatest creation – a mirror of a piece of the human mind to do the tasks in which our complete self is limited. It has the capacity to perform human tasks quickly and efficiently, meaning it has great potential to solve the complicated problems that humanity faces.

AI, unfortunately, has the potential to displace human jobs. Jobs that are highly deterministic and repetitive can now be easily done by an algorithm. But, I believe that this opens up new opportunities – new professions – that will push humanity to a new technological era that is augmented by AI. This is why it is important to re-skill our workers with the state-of-the-art and to make available as much learning resources as possible so that everyone can eventually access these opportunities.

My “Extra-Curriculars”

When I’m not working, I usually go on long walks, hikes, or cycling trips. My bike is appropriately named Python (it’s actually a bike brand). I cook quite often, but I love eating more. My bookshelf contains mostly books about nature and social psychology, Agatha Christie classics, and the occasional IT books. I also sketch birds and do a bit of photography from time to time.