About Me

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Hi, I’m Shiela. This site is a reflection of my learning and hopefully could be a source of learning for others.

I am passionate about learning as deeply and as widely as I can.

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What’s with the site name?

“AI for an I” is supposed to be a pun for “an eye for an eye”, which is an ancient law for penalising criminals to a degree similar to the value of what was lost. In a lighter interpretation, it also means one thing can be paid for by the other, or “replace” each other, similar to how AI is now replacing humans at a lot of systematic and repetitive tasks. Pretty deep naming, eh?

I’m a generalist trying to specialize in science.

I work in AI and data sciences. I get easily interested in a lot of things science-y and arts-y. I love-hate math. I hate politics (but I like studying it). I like languages, mountains, cats, and puns.

What I Do

Machine Learning : algorithms and cloud services

Python Development : automation, data analysis, web frameworks

Data Engineering: web scraping, cloud migrations, pipelines, infrastructure

Training / Teaching : anything that interests me

My Experience

I have worked in several software development roles in six cities and three countries. Here’s a visual summary of my career path, which I admit is a bit messy and non-linear. But, I also see it as flexibility and continuous learning.

Technology changes very quickly, and while I don’t claim to be a grandmaster in a particular field, I’m quite proud of being able to use the technologies that are currently changing the world.

My “Extra-Curriculars”

When I’m not working, I usually go on long walks, hikes, or cycling trips. My bike is appropriately named Python (it’s actually a bike brand). I love being on really high mountains or in forests surrounded by trees. My bookshelf contains mostly books about nature and social psychology, Agatha Christie classics, and the occasional IT books. I also do a bit of sketching and photography from time to time.